Thursday, January 22, 2015

An Angel Weeps

An Angel Weeps

A tiny life is growing inside her
so fragile from the start
developing fingers and toes
pretty blue eyes and a nose
fighting for her life with
each of her tiny heartbeats

All her mother can think about
is how cold those stirrups are
as she lays on the table and waits
for the doctor to remove this inconvenience

In a corner an angel waits
to take Heaven’s newest resident
home in her loving arms
and she weeps

Lord, I pray to you today for those innocents without a voice. I pray for the aborted, the miscarried, the stillborn. Bring these innocents into your heavenly kingdom and let them know your love. Have mercy on the mother's who have aborted for they know not what they do. And have mercy on us all for allowing such a travesty to occur.

Watch over those at the March for Life who peaceably demonstrate against the legalization of child sacrifice. Turn the hearts of those who believe it is right to be able to murder the most helpless among us. Send your favor to the parents who have embraced life and have openly accepted your call to co-create.

Through Christ, your son, my Lord.


42 years is too long. Let's end legal abortion now.

An unborn baby is a life to be celebrated, not a burden to be terminated.

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