Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Just a note to say...

I was listening to my favorite Catholic radio program on the way home from work last night. A commercial came on where the lady speaking told of one of the things her daughter was doing for Lent. She was leaving little affirmations on Post-it notes for people to find. She had left one on her mother’s computer that simply said, “#Pray” to remind her mother that Lent was a time for increased prayer. She was leaving Post-its inside of the hymnals at church that would say “Smile, God loves you.” Just little messages to brighten someone’s day.
The commercial reminded me that Lent isn’t just a time to give something up but it is a call to do more. More does not have to be a lot or a big thing. Small things done with love are great things and it takes very little to make someone feel loved.
I was reminded of when I was five. My mother put little notes like these in my lunch every day. They were just little ways to let me know that she loved me or she missed me. Sometimes they were funny drawing to give me a chuckle. My wife will put notes like these in my lunch now. It doesn’t matter if I am five or forty-five, opening my lunch and finding one of these gems always puts a smile on my face. How much did it take them to do this? The tiny effort made an everlasting impact in my memory.
About a year ago my daughter was approaching the teen years and was struggling to find her identity. I wanted to let her know that she was special to me and that I loved her so I got a bunch of blank note cards and wrote something small but positive in each one; you are special, you are loved, you are beautiful; little words of encouragement to brighten her day. Each night for a month on my way to bed I placed one of these cards topped with a Hersey Kiss on her desk in her bedroom. I did the same for my wife.

Both my girls woke to a morning “kiss” and a note of love. My daughter is a tough one. She hates hugs and only uses the “L” word in relationship to pizza or boy bands. She would never admit that the notes made her feel good. Each morning she would leave for school and the note would be gone. They never appeared in any of the trash cans and would later be found saved in a box on her desk.
Small things done with love are great things.


The  first month passed. I let the habit slip and soon it was forgotten. Hearing the commercial on the radio reminded me of the impact such a small thing can have. I think it is time to revive this labor of love and include all of my children. They will still remember the little notes long after I am gone and perhaps one day will leave notes for their children.
There is absolutely no reason why I can't do as the daughter in the commercial did and brighten the days of total strangers. I am now armed with a Sharpie and a stack of Post-it notes. I will also leave random affirmations for people to find. I challenge every reader who sees this to do the same. Together we can spread some much needed happiness and love.

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