Monday, April 4, 2016

Masculinized Feminism

We have never had a true feminist movement in America. A true feminist movement would extol and celebrate the traits that make a woman strong and unique. Instead, what masquerades as a feminist movement are masculinist women who believe the only way they are considered equal is if they can say and do everything a man can. The extremes in this movement wish to minimalize or completely remove the male of the species from as many things as possible. This has nothing to do with praising femininity, which most, if not all, of the hardcore feminists view as weakness, and more about control and power.

The word hierarchy is the English translation of the Latin for holy order. When God created he created everything with a specific purpose, function, and holy order. When things happen according to their designed purpose it is said that they are ordered. When things happen contrary to their designed purpose they are disordered. When things are ordered they lead to happiness and disorders lead away from happiness. This is God’s design for everything.

At the top of the hierarchical order is, of course, God. But even for God there is a hierarchy. We have one God that contains three unique and divine persons. We have God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Son answers to the Father and the Holy Spirit answers to both the Father and the Son. There will never be division among the three because all wills conform to that of the Father. They are equal but different with different functions. The Father is the head of all creation. The Son sits to the right of the Father and all rule and authority of creation has been given to him. The Holy Spirit carries action forth from the Father and the Son. All are God. All are equal but all have a different purpose. Each performs their purpose perfectly so God is always perfectly ordered. God is the Order from which all order flows.

After the Trinity the next in line of the Holy Order is not the Pope as many might think. The next in line is woman. Woman holds the highest position in God’s hierarchy for the human person. To woman God gave the greatest honor he has bestowed upon any of his creation. He made woman the Tokos, the life bearer. Therefore woman is the most exalted among all of God’s creation. The most exalted among the exalted would then be the Theotokos or the mother of God. We know her as Mary, the woman who conceived and bore the incarnation of the second person of the Trinity, Jesus. She is the greatest human person who will ever live and that is why Catholics venerate and honor her.

And then comes the Pope right? Um, no. Next in line after woman is another “woman”, the Holy Catholic Church. The Holy Catholic Church is the Church that Jesus founded and promised he would be with until the completion of time. In poetic speech the Church is the bride of Christ. Jesus is the bridegroom. The book of Revelation, commonly believed to be about the end of the world, is in reality the story of the wedding celebration between Jesus and his Church. If you want to know what heaven will be like attend a Catholic Mass. It will be like that only with every creature in heaven worshiping together at once. Words do not exist to describe the magnitude of that celebration.

Last in the hierarchy is man. We are the bottom rung in God’s Holy Order, not the top as so many of us believe ourselves to be. So where does that put the Pope? Don’t worry, we won’t forget poor Cardinal Bergolio, now Francis.

Everything was made in an order and for a purpose. The designed purpose for woman was to be the tokos, the life bearer and to ektreph√≥ or nourish. Woman was given the ability to bring forth life and to bring it to full maturity. Man’s designed purpose is to protect and provide for woman and her offspring and to “till the garden” or care for the rest of God’s creation. Everything that we do as men is supposed to be towards those two ends. It was never intended that we lord over or dominate anything.

The Pope, the bishops, the priests, and the deacons are under a separate hierarchal order, the order of servitude. Their designed purpose is to serve the Church Jesus started and all of human kind. The order of servitude is not a chain of command like you would find in a military organization. This Holy Order is upside down. The Pope is on the bottom rung of the ladder and has the responsibility of lifting up all those above him. He does this in unity with his bishops who then serve the priests and the deacons above them who, in turn, serve the Church and all of humanity. The Pope is a bishop who leads the college of bishops. He has the responsibility of every living soul on this planet on his shoulders. Bishops are both the head priest and the head deacon in their diocese and have the responsibility for every soul living within their diocese. Priests and deacons are different arms of the bishop. Priests are the right hand and responsible for sacrifice. They are responsible for each and every soul in their parish. The deacon is the left hand of the bishop and is responsible for being the servant to a servant church.

The devil is a very cunning creature. He has successfully convinced many women that their value is tied to being equal to a man. They are only truly equal if they can do everything a man can do. Feminism convinces women to lower themselves, to be less than what they were created to be, to become the inferior of the race. He gets them to mock the very thing that makes them unique and most favored among all of God’s creation. He gets them to willfully turn their backs on the gift God shared only with them.

With woman stepping down to fill the man’s role man has stepped away all together. We no longer have to be the protector and provider. We no longer have to care for the garden. All of God’s creation suffers when we do not fully assume this role for which we were made. The family is the building block on which all human society is based. The father is the head of the family. A beheaded family has no life within it. When the family ceases to live all of society crumbles.

A mother’s job is to nourish the family. If the mother concentrates her time in trying to be equal to the father by being like the father the family does not get the nourishment it needs and it does not mature properly. When the family fails society fails and the devil triumphs.

True feminism extols the virtues of womanhood, the virtues of the tokos and the ektreph√≥s. Mothers should be exalted yet most are demonized as accepting something less. When you see a mother with three, four, or more children desperately trying to keep chaos at bay thank her for embracing her womanhood and her yes to God’s design. The future of mankind depends on it.
My heart is full because the tomb is empty.

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